Epiphany Dermatology

the kind of eyebrow, eyeliner, lip body or lip liner look that you want, without having to spend an hour every morning getting it!  Unlike your regular makeup, this will not run or smear when you are at the gym or the beach.  For those who wear glasses and are farsighted it also makes an excellent option for getting a good look to your makeup.

The procedure is very safe and relatively painless.  Topical anaesthetic can be used to maximize comfort.  The chances of an allergic reaction are quite rare, though if you wish you can have allergy testing done in advance with the pigments of your choosing.

The cost is very reasonable and definitely less than several years of makeup!  We use the finest system and pigments available--the European Nouveau Contour line of products.

Aesthetic Tattoo

​You may think that dermatology offices only remove tattoos!  While this may be true at most offices, Las Cruces Dermatology Associates offers aesthetic tattoo placement for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and even for areolae and nipples after breast cancer surgery. Hypoallergenic, permanent makeup tattoos last for several years, and can require touch-up.  Pigments are available in a variety of shades and techniques. You can get