Epiphany Dermatology

Medical Dermatology

a week or less.  For urgent matters, we do everything we can in order to book visits either same-day or within twenty four hours.  We accept most major insurances and offer greatly reduced rates for those who are without insurance and cannot afford regular fees.  If you are referred by another physician for a consulation, a letter to your doctor describing your treatment plan will be on its way the day after your visit.

Dr. Kerner has seen over 200,000 patient visits thus far in his career.  He brings extensive experience to Las Cruces Dermatology Associates in diagnosing and treating all types of conditions of the skin.  We take care of patients with acne, eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, blistering disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune diseases of the skin (such as lupus), all forms of hair loss (hormonal, scarring, autoimmune, mechanical), ,warts, molluscum  contagiosum, cellulitis, and skin cancers.  While skin cancer 

is often treated surgically, today there are nonsurgical options for the treatment of skin cancers in many cases.  Dr. Kerner's bacground in scientific research (a Ph.D. in Immunology) assists in designing treatment options that either stimulate or suppress immune reactivity to treat a variety of cutaneous diseases.

Las Cruces Dermatology Associates works very hard to have new and existing patients get easy and prompt access to our office.  In most instances we can provide visits for both new and established patients in