Epiphany Dermatology

Scar Revision

Your scars will be evaluated, and photographs will be taken.  An individualized plan will be made that will take into account your overall skin-type and address all aspects of the unwanted appearance of the scars.  Most treatments will involve more than type of modality.  We keep the cost very reasonable even if several different treatments will be needed to get good results.  These treatments are considered cosmetic and are not covered by insurance in virtually all cases.

Acne scars, keloids and surgical scars come in a wide variety of forms.  There are treatment options for scars of all sizes, colors, depths and shape.  Las Cruces Dermatology Associates offers a wide range of treatment approaches for these.  Modalities include laser resurfacing, TCA cross acid treatments, microneedling, vascular laser therapies, surgical treatments, and injectable compounds (fillers, steroids, and antimetabolic agents).

If you still have active acne, we highly recommend you wait until we have your acne completely under control before you start any scar treatment program.  Otherwise you run the risk of needing additional treatments later.  This is not the same as red areas where acne used to be present--those types of red scars do not represent active acne and can be treated promptly.